C Mini Project Ideas with a Sample Calculator Project

Do you want to build a simple application in C but you don’t know how and where to start? Or you know how to build a C application but don’t know any project ideas? then do not worry you are at the right place. If you finished learning  C and became familiar with its programming paradigm then I encourage you to build some applications (whether it is application software or system software) to actually sharpen your skills in C. If you do projects, then you will know how to apply those programming constructs accurately in building projects. So here I will explain how to start a new C project for complete beginner and give some projects ideas about what type of application you can build using C language
I have some suggestions for people who are about to write their first C application.

  1. Please do not try to build a big application. Start with a very very simple application, try to learn how it works and only then think about how to extend it to build a relatively large application.
  2. Always start with a console application, without including attractive graphics. To include graphics, you must learn about different graphics libraries. Just think you are the beginner of C just trying to build some application, and if you include graphics then you must learn the graphics libraries more than C. This creates your confusion and your mind will be messed up. So please try to build some console application first.
  3. Try to include more programming constructs. Since building first application implies making you strong and confident in C, always try to include more and more programming constructs. This includes basics arithmetic operations, conditional statements (if, if-else), loops ( while, do while, for), user-defined functions, arrays, pointers, structure, dynamic memory allocation, file handling and if possible some low-level operations. You just combine these techniques and try to build an application that includes most of them.

For the very beginner who has not done any project on C but know the programming, I have attached a compressed file please download and read this. It consists of two files one pdf file which is the simple documentation of the project and other a C file which contains some coding with a lot of comments that help you to step through the project. The project is about building a simple Calculator that solve some mathematical operations like Matrix, Complex number, polynomial equations etc. Please read the documentation carefully. And also the C file consists of some pre-written code. Run the code and see the sample output of some operations and I am sure you will get some idea of creating a simple project. If you faced any difficulties then free feel to ask as a comment.
You can download the file for here.
Now for those who want some project ideas. There are a lot of projects that you can do in C. For example, consider a project that keeps a record of your daily expenses. And at the end of the month shows you the record of total expenses you did over a month along with on which items you made the expense. Similarly, think of an application that keeps a record of the employees in an organization, you can register a new employee, search the employee, edit the record of employee and perform other various operation. or you can make a simple non-graphics game like hangman, tic-tac-toe etc. Other various projects ideas are presented below

  1. Library management system
  2. Calendar application
  3. Employee record system
  4. Quiz application
  5. Student record system
  6. Electricity billing system
  7. Supermarket billing system
  8. Contact manager
  9. Calculator
  10. Simple encryption algorithm
  11. Physics problem solver
  12. Sudoku solver (difficult)
  13. Generate different star patterns
  14. Hospital management system
  15. Random number generator
  16. Electric circuit solver etc.
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