Mini project “3D Bounce” in OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) using C/C++ – Free Download

3D Bounce is a graphics project which uses a GLUT Library with C++. It is a game with a small ball that bounces over a surface. It consists of different levels of game. If a player completes one level then he can enter into another level. The project is completely written in C++ with OpenGL. The code is written in Object Oriented Fashion with a lots of comment. This project teaches you the following things:
  1. To use GLUT Library with C++.
  2. To write a code in Object  Oriented Method.
  3. To use different functions of glut like callback function.
  4. To write Keyboard and mouse events.
  5. To draw a different 3D objects and shapes in OpenGL and render them.
  6. To use a multithreading.
  7. To use different mathematical formulas and ideas in a game program and so on.
So this project will become a very good learning tool for the beginner of both C++ and OpenGL Library. But there are few limitations of the project
  1. This project is not completed.
  2. It do not uses any collision detections.
  3. A lot of memory leak problems
I can not complete this project due to lack of time. And I believe you will complete it.
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  1. Oliwicked says:

    Im pretty new but want to learn by going through and googling any aspect of your project. I just cant seem to see how to get the source into MSVC++. Can you maybe point me in a direction. Moving sources into project obviously insnt enough for me. (I have Glut working in other projects)

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