Flutter Plugin tflite Example

What is tflite?

A Tensorflow model is converted to a Tensorflow Lite flat buffer file using Tensorflow Lite Converter (. tflite). The client, which in our instance is a mobile device operating on iOS or Android or an embedded device, receives the Tensorflow Lite flat buffer file.

tflite is a Flutter plugin for accessing TensorFlow Lite API. Supports image classification, object detection (SSD and YOLO), Pix2Pix and Deeplab and PoseNet on both iOS and Android.

To learn more, A Flutter Plugin for Accessing TensorFlow Lite API, tflite.


Use tflite plugin to run model on images. The image is captured by camera or selected from gallery (with the help of image_picker plugin).


Create a assets folder. From https://github.com/shaqian/flutter_tflite/tree/master/example/assets dowload the following files and place them in assets folder.

  • mobilenet_v1_1.0_224.tflite
  • mobilenet_v1_1.0_224.txt
  • ssd_mobilenet.tflite
  • ssd_mobilenet.txt
  • yolov2_tiny.tflite
  • yolov2_tiny.txt
  • deeplabv3_257_mv_gpu.tflite
  • deeplabv3_257_mv_gpu.txt
  • posenet_mv1_075_float_from_checkpoints.tflite


flutter packages get


flutter run


recognizeImageBinary(image) (sample code for runModelOnBinary) is slow on iOS when decoding image due to a known issue with image package.


Source Code: flutter_tflite_example.

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