Attractive color picker app built in flutter

Deciding on a color for your project, assignment, UI etc can be strenuous. Colors can be a complementing factor of what it is that you are doing. This is where this app steps in and eases your work.

Color Picker

An app made in Flutter to help people choose the colors they will use in their projects!


Pick a color from a picker wheel, palette, value, named and even from an image.
Liked a color? Favorite it to use it later or copy it to clipboard.
Is it too bright? Don’t worry, use the dark theme.\

✔️ Responsive – The zoomed scaffold will expand in screens larger than 950px
✔️ Accessible – Includes tooltips and Semantics to accessibility
✔️ Internationalized – Includes support for English and Portuguese

Color details

You can see a color information or parse with the following color spaces:

SpaceSee infoParseCopy

Inside the App

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