A simple flutter app to keep track of Learning Rate

Sometime you want to set a target for you weekly, for example: “Reading Book for 8 hours every week”. This app helps you to do that. Furthermore, you can see the progress that you have done so far in the current week.


Current version is very simple and support for Android Only. The project also has not migrated to Null-Safety yet.


  • Create & Delete the Progress’s name & the amount of time per week you want to spend on the task (unit: minutes per week)
  • Start the timer before the task actually happens to keep track time spent on that task.
  • End the timer when the task is paused, suspended.

Inside the App


Getting Started

  • Run: “flutter pub get” to install needed plugins.
  • Run: “flutter build apk –split-per-abi” to build the apk file


In the pubspec.yaml of your flutter project, add the following dependency. The same way as in, Entirely customizable Neumorphic Containers for flutter

  • google_fonts: ^2.0.0
  • sqflite: ^2.0.0+3
  • path_provider: ^2.0.1
  • numberpicker: ^1.3.0
  • jiffy: ^3.0.1
  • flutter_local_notifications: ^4.0.1
  • flutter_background: ^0.1.6
  • provider: ^5.0.0

GitHub Repository

Source code: https://github.com/sonnguyen9800/progressor-simple-edition

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