Subtle YouTube Downloader Flutter App

YouTube Downloader Flutter

This is a cross platform flutter app (currently tested on Android and Windows) to download videos from YouTube, it’s still a work in progress. It is mostly e remake of YoutubeDownloader. You can search a video from YouTube (within the app) and chose which stream you’d like to download. If FFMPEG is added to the path you can long-press two tiles (audio and video), and those tracks will be merged into one, remember that muxed tracks (the ones with already audio + video, have a poor quality).

Building the app

You must have the flutter sdk installed.

First clone the app into your system: git clone

Then from inside the project directory run: flutter build <windows/apk/linux>

Then locate and run the app (ie in windows it is located inside build\windows\runner\Release).

Todos / Known issues

  •  Directory finder inside settings doesn’t work in MacOS/Linux. (#7).
  •  Show notification when a file is being downloaded/has finished downloading (#9).
  •  Implement GitHub Actions and upload the binaries as artifacts (#6).
  •  Implement flutter_ffmpeg for IOS/Android (#8)
  •  Parse playlists / channel uploads.


StreamList Merge

GitHub Repository

If you want to follow this project more closely, here is a link to the github page:

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