A neat Flutter Workout Timer App

Keeping track of the time and the repetitions of the exercises you do on a regular basis can be tedious. Specially, if you have many of them. This is where this flutter app comes in.

Just Another Workout Timer

A simple timer for your workouts, built with Flutter! This app is written in 99.6% dart. Following simple projects like this can immensely in sharpening your flutter skills.

About The Project

  • Create complex workouts easily
  • Define your own exercises with custom durations
  • Add exercises to custom sets
  • Text-to-Speech announcements
  • Modern Material Design built with Flutter
  • Ad-free
  • Free and Open-Source



How To Backup & Restore Your Workouts

Just Another Workout Timer saves your workouts to local storage at Android/data/com.blockbasti.justanotherworkouttimer/files/workouts. Just copy this folder to your desired backup location.
To restore a backup, simply paste the contents of the backed up workout folder back into Android/data/com.blockbasti.justanotherworkouttimer/files/workouts.
The workouts are now available in the app again.

Building the app

  1. Run flutter pub get
  2. Run ./scripts/generate_code.sh or flutter pub run flutter_oss_licenses:generate.dart and flutter pub run intl_utils:generate to generate licenses and translations
  3. Run flutter build apk or run using your IDE

GitHub Repository

If you want to view the source code: https://github.com/blockbasti/just_another_workout_timer

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