Beautiful Spiral gears built using flutter

This is a spiral gear flutter app. This is a flutter app for intermediate level programmers to sharpen their Flutter skills.


Build your own spiral with gears using flutter.

A screenshot of Inspiral


This app is built using Flutter.

A note about code quality

This is a nights & weekends side project. My guiding principle while building this app is: have fun. As a result, there are some rough patches in this code base that would require non-fun refactoring work that I simply haven’t prioritized.


flutter run

See the Flutter documentation for more information about running and debugging a Flutter application locally.

Note: I’ve mostly been using the VSCode plugin to launch and debug the app.

Generating gears

Gear are generated by the gear_generator/ Node application. See the README in that directory for more information about this process.

GitHub Repository

If you want to follow the app more closely, here is a link to the GitHub page:

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