Mini project Database Management System (DBMS) using wxWidget in C++

wxWidget is a very good library for GUI programming. It helps to build windows form very effectively. Many application we are familiar with are made in wxWidget (like Code::Blocks). But wxWidget is totally object oriented and seems to be a headache for a beginner. Even to write Hello World program, it needs a lot of knowledge and code conversion. But once you master it, then everything gets simpler and you can build a big application within few weeks. Now, lets move to our topic. Mini project Database Management System is built totally in C++ with wsWidget as Graphics Library. Obviously, it is built in Object Oriented fashion because both C++ and wxWIdget are object-oriented. In this project you can make a new database, make tables, give fields and everything, For security region, the database is fully password protected and a file is used to store the passwords. You can also select existing database and modify it. Since it is a mini project, don’t expect too much from. Just download and see the code, get some idea and start to build your own application. Hope this project help you. If you have any questions and suggestions regarding this project or this blog, don’t forget to comment, this will help me to do my job effectively. Thank you

The source code is available on GitHub.
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  1. Ava joseph says:

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  2. please let me know the editor for this project

  3. The code is edited using Code::Blocks.

  4. there is a link at the bottom of the post. Click the link then source file along with executable file will start downloading.

  5. Is the source code for this project included in the download link? Turbo or Codeblocks to compile the code?

  6. Lata Yadav says:

    How do i run this code in eclipse , i need to perform unit testing over it.

  7. Lata Yadav says:

    I have taken this project as SUT for software testing ,How do i run it in eclipse –
    How do i perform unit testing over it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    how to run this program

  9. Aaron says:

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  10. Using which technique this project is prepared?
    Please let me know asap

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