Stunning Mail app for iOS and Android build in Flutter

Codename: Maily

Flutter Mail app for iOS, Android. Developed in Flutter.

Inside the App


  • POP and IMAP service providers are supported, though POP accounts are not tested at this moment
  • Multiple account support
  • Unified account – when you have at least 2 accounts, a unified account will show up automatically – with unified inbox, sent, trash, etc
  • Mail management: delete, mark as read/unread
  • Unsubscribe from newslettters easily
  • View attachments in app – photos, PDFs, video and audio files
  • Compose messages: compose new messages and reply to/forward mails with WYSIWG editor
  • Save and continue draft messages
  • Attach photo-, audio-, video- or generic files. Attach your current location.
  • Swipe right to left to delete and swipe left to right to mark as read/unread
  • Personalizae swipe actions
  • Optionally you can block external images when viewing mails
  • You can specify aliases and check for + alias support by your mail provider
  • Swipe left or right in the message details to view the next/previous message
  • Experimental ‘stack’ display of messages
  • Share received attachments to other apps and forward attachments to a new message
  • Share files to Maily
  • Search for messages, including universal search
  • Delete all messages in trash and junk folders or in a search result
  • Archive messages
  • Mark messages as junk / not junk
  • Forward messages as attachments – or forward only the attachments of the selected messages
  • Select several messages at once with a long press
  • Localized in English and German
  • Supports dark and light theme and you can also change the color scheme.
  • Shows thread information and allows to access the full thread when the mail service supports the THREAD IMAP extension.
  • Add animated GIFs and stickers (powered by Giphy)
  • Display attached messages
  • Request and send read receipts
  • Extensible by email service providers, companies and developers

Contributions and Setup

Every contribution is welcome. Since the project is licensed under the GPL, signing the Contributor License Agreement is required.

This is how you contribute:

  • Fork the enough_mail_app project by pressing the fork button.
  • Clone your fork to your computer: git clone$your_username/enough_mail_app
  • Do your changes. When you are done, commit changes with git add -A and git commit.
  • Push changes to your personal repository: git push origin
  • Go to enough_mail_app and create a pull request.

When you have compile problems this is usually due to not getting the latest version from git. Call flutter pub upgrade to ensure that you are on the latest version of all referenced projects. Since translations are generated you can ignore all translation problems, just start the build, afterwards the localization compilation problems will be gone.

For some features you will need to add the relevant keys to assets/keys.txt, currently the following key is required:

GitHub Repository

Source Code:

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