Simple travel budget Flutter app

This is a simple and neat flutter application that allows the user to determine the budget for his/her vacation. Traveling can be fun yet stressful. The only task more strenuous is drawing the budget lines. This is where this flutter application comes in handy.

Travel Treasury

In git-hub a repository named travel_treasury contains all the code written throughout the 1ManStartup YouTube channel tuts for building your own travel budget app in Flutter.

Using This Resource

Each episode where code is created or modified will have an associated branch in this repo. The code in each episode’s branch will contain the completed code from that episode and the branch will remain in that state.

The master branch will contain the most recent version of code, and be considered the “production” version. This means the master branch will always be the most up to date.


1ManStartup is a very helpful YouTube channel for beginners in flutter and can help you sharpen your skills.

GitHub Repository

To follow the making of this application in detail, you can visit the github page given below.

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