Numerical Methods Tutorials

This section consists of various numerical methods problems and their solution in C language. You can click each link to view the source code of corresponding problem in C.

  1. Solution of Differential Equation using RK4 method
  2. Solution of Non-linear equation by Bisection Method
  3. Solution of Non-linear equation by Newton Raphson Method
  4. Solution of Non-linear equation by Secant Method
  5. Interpolation with unequal method by Lagrange’s Method
  6. Linear Curve Fitting
  7. Parabolic Curve Fitting
  8. Gauss Jordan Method
  9. Determinant of a NxN Matrix
  10. Inverse of a NxN Matrix
  11. Integration using Trapezoidal Rule
  12. Integration using Simpson’s 3/8 Rule
  13. Integration using Simpson’s 1/3 Rule
  14. Greatest Eigen value and Eigen vector using Power Method
  15. Condition number and ill condition checking 
  16. Newton’s Forward and Backward interpolation
  17. 2 Dimensional matrix multiplication 
Note: All the codes are compiled in GCC Mingw compiler in windows. Attempting to compile in other compiler and platform may result errors. These tutorials are targeted for student and for learning purpose, so the code may not be optimized for the actual implementation. Some operations like matrix inversion and determinant are done without pivoting, divide by zero error may result in some cases. Partial and full pivoting are recommended.
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  1. abodi11110 says:

    can u help me in this proplem ??

  2. abodi11110 says:

    A particle of mass 4 grams moving in 3D space has the following positions (measured in
    nanometers) after time (measured in nanoseconds).

  3. . Write a program which will find all such numbers which are divisible by 7 but are not a multiple of 5, between 1000 and 1200 (both included). The numbers obtained should be printed in a comma separated sequence on a single line.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you write code to implement escalator's method(partition method) to find inverse of a matrix?

  5. Shirish says:

    That is very simple.

  6. Samuel Davordzie says:

    Hello I am Samuel. I am finding it difficult to find research topic in Numerical Method. Kindly suggest some thesis topics to me that i can do using MathsLab or Python

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